Sales Team

Infinity is looking for a sales professional to identify and close new opportunities. To be successful, this role requires a person who can quickly learn our offering and the concerns of our clients, and someone who can effectively build rapport at all levels of an organization (e.g. IT, management, C-suite). The ideal candidate will:   


    • Start conversations independently
    • Be a resourceful lead generator
    • Communicate effectively across multiple channels (e.g. in-person, email, phone, social media)
    • Work well with a team

    • Be punctual.

    • Deliver on commitments.
    • Be able to travel with notice (10+ trips per year)
    • Have 2-5 years of sales experience

    *Bonus points for software services and/or insurance experience.


    • Opportunity - we want to know your ideas, aspirations and what keeps you professionally satisfied.
    • Autonomy - you can help expand our existing markets, or establish your own.
    • Maturity  - you'll be backed by colleagues that can deliver, and the stability of a 25+ year old company.
    • Community - we work and celebrate as a team.
    • Training - we are prepared to get you up to speed on our processes and the industries we work in.
    • Flexible compensation - we will create a plan that makes most sense for the both of us.


Local candidates only

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