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considerations WHEN selecting A software SERVICES partner

Let's assume that any services partner can deliver a job, technically. However, not every partner will leave you feeling good about the process or provide the desired impact to your business. We encourage taking time to establish expectations together. Think  through and discuss the nuances that are important to you and your company. Here are several items worth exploring before you move forward with a new services partner:​​

TRUST | Remember that someone who knows your business, knows your business.

  • How will they handle proprietary or confidential information?

  • Do they have any outside allegiances that may sway their recommendations or approach?

  • What kind of access will you have to the work?

COMMUNICATION | This is often what separates the winners from the losers.

  • What do you consider a timely response? Can they meet that expectation?

  • Are they clear communicators? Technically? At the executive level?

  • Are they organized?

  • Who will be involved, and accountable on their end?

SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTISE | It helps if they can speak your language.

  • Have they worked in your industry before?

  • What will it take to ramp them up on the nuances of your business?

BACKGROUND | Lessons learned = efficiency and empathy.

  • Years in business?

  • Who are their leaders?

  • What kind of institutional knowledge are you hiring?

  • Are they financially stable?

CULTURAL FIT | Think beyond the shorts and flip-flops.

  • Do you both have an appreciation for your business model and drivers (e.g. make money, be efficient, save the world)?

  • Do you have the same business motives?

  • Can you see yourself and your colleagues working with these people as if they were a part of your team?

BUSINESS MODEL | It should be a good business deal now, and in the future?

  • Who owns the IP?

  • What are the contractual obligations?

  • What is their core offering: new development, COTS, maintenance?

REFERENCES | The proof is in the pudding.

  • Do you know their clients?

  • Have they worked with similar companies and scale?

Each of these items will have varying levels of importance to you and your partner. Identifying and setting clear expectations will save you time and money.


We understand that your needs are unique; let's work together to explore the best path forward.








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